Muslim/Muslim Won’t Happen – APC House Of Reps Member

Lawmaker representing Kontagora/Wushishi/Mariga Federal Constituency of Niger State at the House of Reps Idris Abdullahi Garba has rebuked the notion of a Muslim/Muslim ticket in APC and has revealed why he wants Buhari as the party’s flag bearer at the next elections.

On the Issue of Buhari and Tinubu running together for the presidential spot, making it a Muslim/Muslim ticket he said:

I want to say clearly here that there is nothing like giving Buhari and Tinubu the ticket. We the members have sat and decided that there is nobody that can produce 15 million votes from the North, except General Buhari. The party has not discussed anything like a Muslim/Muslim ticket. The party is even thinking of picking someone from the South-East like Oby Ezekwesili as its vice presidential candidate, because we know she’s competent, and she’s good.

The issue of giving Tinubu the ticket is not there, because he is a leader and is not contesting any election. He’s only guiding the APC stakeholders and the people in the party to make sure things are done right in this country. General himself is considering whether to contest or not. Some say we need somebody young, but we’re telling him to come and contest because we know that he has the country in his heart.

On the issue of Buhari’s credibility

Yes, some people have damaged him, but everybody knows that Buhari is a Muslim but has not in any way tried to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country. He has worked with Christians and still has Christian friends; people like Bakare, TY Danjuma and many of them. This is the politics people have decided to use against him. But you know that that is not true.

Buhari’s Age

General is just 70 plus, while Mugabe is 90 plus. We have leaders of 80 years. He’s still strong and capable of leading this country.

Even within the APC, some are against the planned candidature of the General, saying he had contested since 2003, and he should leave it for another person.

If you remember, in 2003, he contested and won the election. He contested in 2007 and won the election. In 2011, everybody knew that the elections were rigged, and this is what we keep doing in this country. So, he’s fighting for this country. It’s a matter of time. You need somebody to continue fighting, and the rigging will stop. People have their opinions.

Tambuwal joining the APC

Yes, somebody likes Buhari, Tambuwal, even though he’s a PDP man, but people say he wants to come to APC, if he comes we’ll welcome him 100 percent.

On the loss of Shekarau, Bafarawa and Marwa to PDP

We have five governors that defected from PDP to our party, and you know what five governors are in Nigeria today. And you’re bringing somebody like Marwa who was governor 15-18 years back; he’s looking for appointment. Shekarau left APC because he felt he was threatened that somebody was coming to overshadow him. He didn’t want to go with the line of the party.

He’s also looking for minister. These are people you see everyday. All they want is about themselves, not about the country. They know they cannot handle the party the way they used to handle it. The crisis you talked about in congress, it’s an open thing. They said come and vote. You must have issues, because you may have between five and eight contestants, but at the end of the day, whoever is being elected, the people know that he’s elected. That is the internal democracy we’re talking about, not somebody sitting down and writing the ward chairmen he wants and giving them cards.

APC Chances come 2005

I will clearly tell you that we’re winning 100 percent. If you check, we have 16 governors; we don’t rig and we’re not going to rig. Even people from the South East will vote for APC this time around. If you go the Lagos, Ekiti, Oyo and the rest, you’ll see all the governors are performing. Go to Kano State and see what he has done in less than three years. Zamfara State governor is performing; even Wamakko was performing before he came to APC. These are the people that have Nigerians at heart. This time around there’s no going to be rigging; they’ll count each vote there.


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