Mother of girl brutalized by drunk policeman lands in psychiatric care

The grieving mother of Funmilayo Adebayo who was brutalized by a drunken policeman in Lagos last December landed in psychiatric care last Thursday, family sources told SaharaReporters at the weekend.

The video clip of the horrible incident recently went viral on the Internet, showing a drunk policeman who was subsequently identified as Tafa Mohammed, brutalizing 2 women at Lewis Street, in Lagos.

Family sources said the mental state of Bose Williams deteriorated following the incident last Dec. Although she was said to have developed prior symptoms in 2007, her children said her condition was under control until she saw the video of Mohammed’s brutalization of her daughter. Continue…

The sources said that since that time, Mrs. Williams always displayed pictures of the incident next to her pillow, sobbing.

His eldest son, Segun Adebayo confirmed that his mother had found it impossible to remove images of the incident from her head, and suggested that the horrific incident escalated her ill-health.
Early on Thursday morning, she was said to have repeatedly mumbled to herself about the incident until she left her room to go and sit outside in the rain.  She was then taken away for psychiatric care in Yaba, Lagos.

Mobile policeman Mohammed, of Unit #20 in Lagos, was discreetly filmed by a citizen video photographer, reportedly in December 2013, beating up a street food vendor.

Witnesses said her offence was that the vendor had refused to sell fish to him because it was the policy to sell the fish with food, which he was not buying.

The policeman, who was reeking of alcohol, according to the witnesses, took on both the vendor and another female customer who was buying food from the same vendor at the time, tossing the customer into a nearby pond of putrid water. Two women are involved in the story here: vendor and customer, Funmilayo Adebayo.

At a point in the report, Mohammed is seen pointing his rifle at one of the women.  A second policeman appears to support him and they both threaten witnesses with their weapons, with the back-up firing shots into the air to show he was not joking.

The incident is said to have resulted in internal injuries for  Funmilayo, whose mother now also seems to have been pushed off the edge into serious mental health issues. Her current condition is unknown.

Culled from Sahara Reporters…

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