Lanre Nzeribe Blasts Monalisa Chinda: “She Is An Incompetent Liar”


Monalisa Chinda Lanre Nzeribe NL 500x281 Lanre Nzeribe Blasts Monalisa Chinda: She Is An Incompetent Liar

The romantic and business relationship between Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, and her boyfriend c*m business partner, Lanre Nzeribe, may have broken down irretrievably, but the echoes of the love gone sour still reverberates as Lanre, known for his serial philandering, has labelled her an incompetent and useless liar.

Lanre, who has, in the past past, been linked romantically with the likes of Stella Damasus and former NTA big girl, Grace Egbagbe, released a statement which insinuates that the actress lied about the circumstances surrounding her departure from the lifestyle and fashion magazine they founded together which bears her name, ‘Monalisa’.

Speaking about the break-up, Lanre said that Monalisa misrepresented the facts and that she did so in bad faith to deliberately dent the image the brand.

He also noted that the “professional irreconcilable differences” stated by Monalisa Chinda as reasons for her exit were nothing but blatant lies.

The statement reads in part:

Both parties never had any professional differences as the party involved had little or no idea as to how to run the business. The chairman (Lanre Nzeribe) was the major shareholder of the company.

We can assure you that the chairman started the business with his resources, without a dime or contribution from Ms Monalisa Chinda.

Monalisa is a cheap, incompetent and useless liar.

We hope we have heard the last of this romantic mess


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