Boko Haram Bombs The Bridge Linking Nigeria To Cameroon

Things are getting out of hand, it seems Boko Haram is indeed more motivated than Nigeria soldiers. The bombing and destruction of a bridge linking Nigeria to Cameroon in Borno State today has caused mass destruction and confusion. The bombing occurred on the outskirts of Gamboru Ngala, site of a Monday Boko Haram attack that claimed the lives of over 300 village residents.

At least 30 people were killed during the late Thursday bombing incident. The bridge links immigration check points of both Cameroon and Nigeria. Where were all the security officers when this bombing took place?

The bombing event took place on the same day of a mass burial in the town of Gamboru Ngala where Boko Haram militants raid on the village on Monday claimed the lives of over 300 residents, nearly ten per cent of the population.

Sources say 315 people of the 336 who died in the Monday attack were buried in a solemn ceremony led by civic and religious leaders.

Since the Monday attacks many of the local Gamboru Ngala youth have joined an anti-Islamist vigilante force in the village. And it appears this is why Shekau released a new warning, threatening to kill civilian JTF.


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