The Dream’s babymama releases pics of injuries she sustained from his attack

A few weeks ago, super producer The Dream’s babymama Lydia Nam accused him of brutally assaulting her while she was pregnant 7 months ago. She claimed Dream punched, kicked, choked, dragged her by the hair, by the neck and strangled her during an arguement. He was arrested and booked on 2 felonies and 3 misdemeanors for assault, endangerment and child endangerment.

Dream denied ever touching her, claiming that Lydia, who is Canadian, was just trying to extend her Visa by filing a bogus criminal case against him.

Well, to prove she didn’t lie, Lydia has produced receipts. She photographed her injuries immediately following the alleged attack and today she sent the pictures to TMZ . See more pics after the cut…



The complaint also alleged that when Nam tried to call 911, he violently twisted her arm and said he would kill her “like O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown.”

Nam says she waited seven months to report the incident out of fear for her safety. The-Dream denies the whole thing.


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