Man, 24, Asks If He Should Tell Girlfriend He’s Still A Virgin

Men have their weaknesses and fears, too, and sometimes they are worried by the smallest things. A young man has never had sex and wonders how he should handle the matter with his soon-to-be girlfriend.

I’m a 24-year-old guy, and I still am a virgin. I don’t think it is a bad thing that I’ve never had real, “grown-up” sex in my life. But I’ve always been shy around the girls. My inexperience adds to the overall embarrassment.

There is a girl I like very much, she’s 22. All we did was some kissing and light petting, nothing more. She says she wants to wait a little to see where our relationship leads us. I don’t want to rush the things as well. But she has had two boyfriends before me and is no longer a virgin, as she confessed to me. I, on my part, have only kissed in the past and never had a serious girlfriend.

I try to convince myself that she will laugh the matter off when she learns about my virginity and teach me things. I hope my first experience will be with her, but what do I do? Do I tell her I’m not very experienced, or do I pretend that she’s not my first and let my instincts overtake? How do I address the issue?


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