Boko Haram: ‘More Deadly Acts Of Terrorism Coming’ – Primate Ayodele Reveals

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos, known for his prophecies has revealed that there will be more deadly attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

Primate Ayodele

Primate Ayodele

The cleric said what we are now witnessing is just about one-third of the acts of terrorism that are coming, “this is just a tip of the iceberg. There are more sinister, more deadly acts of terrorism coming,” he added.

Speaking in an interview on Sunday, May 25, Primate Ayodele said the government should be blamed for the Boko Haram menace in the country because they have been careless about the issue, ignoring his previous prophecies.

He said, “When a prophet gives a prophecy those in authority should see it as an alert for them to react swiftly to. They shouldn’t have ignored such warnings.”

Speaking about the abducted Chibok girls, Ayodele said they are still in Nigeria, though they have been split into small groups and scattered around.

He urged the Federal Government to take advantage of assistance by foreign nations and deal with Boko Haram, their origin and activities among others.

I want to advise the government to seek for more help from America and other nations on the Boko Haram and terrorists’ activities, their origin and operations among others. That would go a long way in fighting future wars with terrorists because there would be more deadly attacks. It would also help the government to know more about other terrorists’ groups that are already in the country and those that are still coming,” he said.

He also spoke about the 2015 general elections and the fate awaiting notable politicians and parties. He said there is a slim chance of winning for the defectors, especially Rivers state, Abia, Cross River and even Sokoto.

He added that President Jonathan should be prepared for another conspiracy against him, this time from within the PDP.

He however said, if Jonathan works very hard, he might be favoured but more sinister political manipulations and crisis await the 2015 elections.

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