Busy Body Girl Fights Iyanya Over Séxy Photo: SEE Why

Ladies of nowadays days are trying to turn culture and tradition upside down, we should not allow them. This pix above is what made a “busy body” girl attack Iyanya. The singer had posted the pix online and the girl on the left went all out, saying Iyanya should be the one happy to have a woman and not the other way.

But the truth is that it’s a woman that should be happy and grateful that a man wants her. There are many ladies around, so if for any reason one girl is feeling too big, she would be dumped, very fast.

How can you tell a man who approach you, spend on you, date you, pay your bride price and marry you that he should be grateful to you? If not for that man, you will remain in your father’s house until you are 40 or even 50 years old. Young ladies, go and ask those ladies who were claiming Miss Independent before, they will tell you how lonely life has become with all the money they have, they are running after small boys.

Women don’t approach men, can’t propose to a man, can’t pay a man’s “groom” price. So what?

Any lady who’s reasoning like this girl should know she is setting herself up for marital crisis. Ladies, be wise!


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