Fiji Fashion Week to host Resort Wear Show on August 30


After the special resortwear collections-dedicated evening in it’s just concluded seventh edition, the Fiji Fashion Week (FFW) is again gearing up to host a similar event highlighting the rapidly growing resortwear sector in the country.
Due to be held on August 30, 2014, the fashion show, which will be attended by not only fashion professionals and enthusiasts but also tourists, would serve as a platform to promote local designers and Fijian fashion industry professionals.
Emerging designers like Ashly Daunibau, Yolla and Netani and Ami Petero alongside seasoned names including Hupfeld Hoerder, Ana Rabuka and Moira Solvalu will feature their new creations at the Resort Wear Show.
As an answer to the rising demand of resortwear, which has resulted from the nation’s fast growing tourism, the FFW organizers had scheduled a special resort wear evening in its last May, 2014 calendar.
Some 16 labels such as Sarah Jane, Robert Verebasaga, Mere Shuster, TAV, Robert Kennedy, Mesake Nacola, Leba Koroi, Hupfeld Hoerder, Hanna Hering, Benjamin Schetrit, Christine Evans and Laurice Romeo, Cecelia Peterson Keil, Ashly Daunibau, Aisea Konrote, Ana Rabuka, Ali Zulfikar and Intimate Apparel partook in the event.



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