Best Entertainment Company: Let’s get to met you – Name, Background and State of origin, Birth date

and academic history?

E.M.C: My names are Adeyeye Opeyemi Adebayo (E.M.C). I hail from Ekiti State. I’m the only guy in the

family of four. I start my primary education in Lagos, Rex/ Regina nursery and primary school. When my

parents think of extending my education to greater height, they send me down to Ikotun high school for

my secondary level. On the long run, he changes his mind by changing my school to a boarding school

named Ekiti State Govt. College, Usi Ekiti. I study building technology as course in school and I’m also a


Best Entertainment Company: A little insight into your growing days?

E.M.C: Hmmm! I grow up in the barrack, where my dad doesn’t allow me associate with people in the

barrack. He later leave the barrack and take us out of barrack to have a new look of life.

Best Entertainment Company: What inspired you into the showbiz entrepreneurship?

E.M.C: What really inspired me? When I got tired of working for people and God open my mind to name

Event Manager Company and I relate it with my spiritual father. He asks me to go on with it.

Best Entertainment Company: How has been the journey so far?

E.M.C: Stressful and rough but we still thank God for his mercy over us.

Best Entertainment Company: What would you say is the major effort that gave you the confidence to

take up risk neutrally as an entrepreneur?

E.M.C: Self confidence. Believe in myself that I can do it… That has been helping me and my crew.

Best Entertainment Company: In reference to your profiles: what is the concept of a lot of concerts and

events of your doings have in similar to the change of name Event Manager Company to Event Media

Company (E.M.C)?

E.M.C: We really thought over these before changing it to Event Media Company. We’re Event Manager

Company…. We have done lot of concerts, partnership and sponsor events…. We notice bringing in the

media going to be a stepping stone for us because we cover red carpets and so on….

Best Entertainment Company: Your dreams in entertainment through out the whole range

encompassing a wide variety of talent should be reaching the universe all through. As an entrepreneur

how did you intend to reach a large market as at showcasing talent to the world?

E.M.C: we have draw out our plans for this year to support students, individuals and so, through many medium platform for models through face of E.M.C, Africa mix tape, our TV program helping the up and coming art. It’s going to be a world wide TV program.

Best Entertainment Company: How ready are you?

E.M.C: 90 percent ready for the task….

Best Entertainment Company: People around you, have they been supportive in terms of teaming your brand?

E.M.C: Yeah! They have been the best team I ever had in my life. Even when there’s no money, they still stood by E.M.C.

Best Entertainment Company: Is there anyone you’re inspiring or you groom as a person that other person(s) take as a role model?

E.M.C: Hmmm! Yeah! I groom the only lady in E.M.C.

Best Entertainment Company: Entrepreneurship wise, who are your role models or mentors?

E.M.C: Eldee, Obama, MI, Bill Gate and 2Face.

Best Entertainment Company: In the scene of entertainment, are there any entertainers you admire, be it in the music industries, movie industries, or other act in home and foreign entertainment?

E.M.C: Music: 2Face and D’Banj. Movie: Tonto Dikeh, Omotola Jolade, Don Richard and Jim Iyke. Foreign music: Drake, Nick, R Kelly, 50Cent. Foreign movie: Angelina Jolie, Arnold, Stallone, Jackie and Jetli.

Pure Entertainment Company: In a sentence, can you describe distinctively between EVENT MEDIA COMPANY and yourself on your product to our nation and abroad?

E.M.C: Event Media Company is a wide covering company that is going to shake the world through me and my team, believe me….

Best Entertainment Company: What is the relationship so far with your team or crew?

E.M.C: Close friendship and Love within our means.

Best Entertainment Company: What next is coming out of EVENT MEDIA COMPANY?

E.M.C: Face of E.M.C and lot more, TV outfits.

Pure Entertainment Company: Hint us a brief about Faces of E.M.C

E.M.C: Just to support aspire model.

Best Entertainment Company: We should be an expectant of what from you as a brand in the next five years?

E.M.C: In the next five years… expecting a lot from us… our TV program, Face of E.M.C. It’s going to grow more and more. Still more project coming.

Best Entertainment Company: Are you single, married, hooked or searching?

E.M.C: Single and searching for miss right. Hopefully I’d find one soon.

Best Entertainment Company: What’s your ideal woman?

E.M.C: Dream helper, talented, a mother and good character.

Best Entertainment Company: Of what standard are you setting in entertainment for yourself?

E.M.C: Best standard in term of support. I’d best among the rest.

Best Entertainment Company: A word that describes your philosophy of life?

E.M.C: Surulere.

Best Entertainment Company: What would be your advice to would-be-act?

E.M.C: They should keep the spirit moving. Self confidence helps to achieve greater height. Overall believe in God.

Best Entertainment Company: Thank you for your time for this interview and we do wish you all the best in your fast rising profile…

E.M.C: Best Entertainment Company you guys are da bomb. Thank you too!



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